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February 24th, 2024 03:53:14am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for shinoogie
Player ID:5858
Names registered:shinoogie, shin, shn, coaxke, gnomechompski, delivery, precision, shmokedank, parallax
Former Clans:FMK, ka-yoed, Soldiers Of Paint, Only Noobs, sickly insane killas, Carbon Dioxide, blitzkrieg, X-Treme Blitz, Paintballers on Drugs, $$BALLERS$$, Banana!, RichyBichays, UnNatural Talent, We LoVe Pi3, SpecialForcesWithoutLimits, Team_VenoM, Don't Ever Accept Defeat, So Unbelievably PRo , Just Skill, RoCkStArZ, VenDetta Team B, Team America, Joking Unity, Foxtrot Uniform, Insane Asylum Clan, Serial Killers, alcoholics annonymous, NinjaGirls, GrEnAdErS, Point Defiance, Get It Krunk, ]mD[, A Work in Progress, Insane Junction Training, Shoot 2 Kill, Insane Junction, Psycho Ballers, Rejects, Old School Ballers, Banned 4 Life, Virtual Threat, Rise Above All, Obliteration, insane expansion team, Dust 2 Dust, Finder's Keepers, Team X, eNRaGe, Exzotic Gaming, Hated, ZyKloNe, zodiac, 21st Century, Almost Ninja, Inner Sanctum, M3RK'D Gaming, MysteryGaming, exercitus Romanus, ThC, Major League Gamers
Forum Name:shinoogie
Location:a house
Real Name:triston

chill its just a game
slowly making my way to a 1337 clan