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May 28th, 2024 07:10:34am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for MiNDViRuS
Player ID:128279
Names registered:mindvirus, toxjq, s8nson, t0x, rez, rudolfhess, fckjitspoe, focaifi
Active Clan:Team Redemption
Former Clans:Nexon, Jumping is not a Crime, We Shock Your System, SkillZ, Heavy Metal, U DONT SCARE ME, Danger ZONE, Deadly massacre anapoles*, Yummy Undercut Pears, outrageous animals:D, PISTOLS, UrBaN Elites, Money Power Respect, #Team eMk, I Told Y'all, Aces or Faces, Prestige on You, eNviouS, Don't Cry Baby, Retro Ballers, Red Star Mafia, #team Yoz, Percise Aim, QidanLight, Zaltekk [X] Team, Xenthos, Elite League Of Gamer, alcoholics annonymous, UN1T3D R@P1NG A$SOCIATION IN TRAINING, The Core, Light Speed, High Voltage, Legend, 8th Wonder, New Breed, Silence, The Legend, Fast eXecutors, absurD vENDEttA, Team c2o, Crip!, eNkora Gaming, We are the R!ot, Psycho Ballers, Jealous, United Rekking Association, Magictricks, M3RK'D Gaming, eNRaGe, 5 points, #team_amazing, Insane Painters, Exzotic Gaming, Underrated, coldFusion, Lud Zbunjen Normalan, Vindictive Assassins, Team Conflict, unPro, Alien Gaming, beta/insight_b3, 93, theset, Absurd Threat, Team eR33t, eXtreMeFraGs, eMazing Gamers, Urban-Legends, Toreadors, Overdose Import, Apple Inc, ReMaX, Major League Gamers, Electronic Thugz, ThC, Team ch1ll, Darkness, insane, Team Cash, illustrious Gaming, Brotherhood, Banned players united, Vitalfusion