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June 24th, 2024 05:45:02am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for PANDALOVER3000
Player ID:210771
Names registered:pandalover3000, kensalonner, kensabiggerlonner, cwssucksballs, tagsucksballs, theragingpanda, pandasrock, themysteriouspanda, urmamasagaspipe
Former Clans:Liquid Nitrogen, klutch, Clan R4N:D0MN3SS!, Raging Pandaz, Fizzled Water, MADD Jumpers, I AM KING
Real Name:joker
Location:BUS BENCH
Forum Name:ur mama's a gas pipe
AIM Screenname:BIG MAMA's
ICQ Number:ur mom
MSN Address:IDIOTS.org

Everyone whos in IAKG is a looser. You know why? Because your leader Shawn only camps. I'm playing him in wipa and all he does is camp. So thats why I quit paintball forever. Thank shawn. Peace