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February 24th, 2024 03:43:48am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for ern1e:(
Player ID:205554
Names registered:3rni, erne, cantona, ernest, rni, sappy, ern1e
Former Clans:Reckless Gaming, ToXiC Gaming, Aim4Fame , FreeAgent, Clan-Multi | Tryouts/Trials, Free4gent, TheJTroopers, FaZe Clan OFFICIAL, reJect, Major Gamers, SoyerS, #team_reflex, Clan-Multi | Gaming since 2010, Creepin', sPecial Training, European Gaming, Jealous, Too Extreme, M3RK'D Gaming, The Xpendables, LETS4FUN, Urban-Legends, #team_error, United Rekking Association, sPecial, unKnown, Psycho Ballers, USSR eSports, Absolute X-team, Jerked
Forum Name:Erni:(