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September 21st, 2023 01:05:48pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for aMp
Player ID:17230
Names registered:amp, phokis, jigga, izzo, ueeze, erday
Active Clan:zeuses army
Former Clans:RecruitingGunnedGangstah, StRaTeGiK InSoMnIaKs Trainees, YaZuRR, Apoboc, PaiNT GoD's, YoUnG BlooDz, Insane Shooters, Team Redemption, Golden Squad, StRaTeGiK InSoMnIaKs, FarmStarz, Glory, Inner City Kings, SeXy, UrBaN EmPiRE, unified, Valiant, ThC, illustrious, Brutality Gaming, No Life Gamers, Homicide, Kamikaze Prospects, Impulse, VaginaHunters, CuToFF, young bloods, Silence, Cykotik Youth, Undead, Vitality, 6 Feet Under, Three Inches Of Blood, Status Quo, absurD vENDEttA, Bust A Move, Side Effects, Sure`Shot, Insane Junction, Underrated, EpicFail, Team Random, RawkAwn, anthrax, BangBros, Xenthos, 5k Ballers