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July 14th, 2024 10:15:09pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for idias
Player ID:84585
Names registered:ckreka, idias, lauren, besteurona, touchmyllama, meowmeow, jbunhappy, teamportugal
Active Clan:Absurd Threat
Former Clans:Noob Killers, team_aMbition, AbSurd Gaming, one hit kill, [QeHs.B], unlimited.gaming, Infinite plague, Corporation oF Tyrannosaurus.rex, FarmStarz, Funky Dancing Duckies, apex, xZiled, Bara a Zbyna, Status Quo Upbringing, Junior Breed, New Breed, Violent Breed, Kaguya, Operation 7, Really?, Memento Mori!, Fear Without End, Virtual Threat, The Rising Ashes, Team c2o, Psycho Ballers, Second To None, Rotten Paint, Insignia, insane, Vitalfusion , Team X, Inner Sanctum, Crunk Gaming, kRuMp Gaming, .cReative., [QeHs], #team_wait, Status Quo, #Via[X]team, Xenthos, myRevenge e-Sports, Kicking ugly children, AfteR Death, Clan Prozak, Team FlaWLesS, United Rekking Association, c0operative gaming, ThC
Forum Name:idias

Dirtier than a nun doing powersquats in a cucumber field...