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September 21st, 2023 01:07:21pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for vP'seaL
Player ID:8095
Names registered:claudius, seal, icehead, jimmey, ullitremus
Active Clan:Virtus'Pro
Former Clans:Alpha Team, Stay In Line, 2K15, Nostalgic, Exzotic Gaming, Shoot 2 Kill, ThC, absurD vENDEttA, United Rekking Association, coldFusion, 2K14, Major League Gamers, [QeHs], What The ____?, Cartoons, Team_eR, Nexon, Psycho Ballers, StRaTeGiK InSoMnIaKs, Absurd Threat, #team>Streak., .cReative.
Location:North Europe
Forum Name:claudius
Real Name:David

That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.