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May 28th, 2024 07:28:45am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for -Dp2-Triks
Player ID:24344
Names registered:triks, alkstereoside, somewhiteguy, kiss, mdthib, einaudi, hzimmer, pureluck, borntobenegative, chesterb
Active Clan:Digital Paintball Legacy
Former Clans:noobs, WoRlD Starz, unPro, 1up, EpicFail, P.C.Royal Select, Mafia Disciples, Psycho Ballers, Inner Sanctum, Axe WeiLdiNg NuN KiLLeRs, Kicking ugly children, No Fear for Beer, New Breed, Silence, Underrated, Avenge the Fallen, Insane Junction, Team FR4G, Darkness, Magictricks, BTF
Real Name:Logan

More than 18 years later, I can say this game was the one of my childhood. Peace Dp2, I'll Miss You.

Such good memories from 2005-2009,

RIP to all the real players, it will always be a pleasure.

Take care,