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July 15th, 2024 12:19:48am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for derkrieger
Player ID:211364
Names registered:sensitivity, derkrieger, mrslenderman
Active Clan:NippleFlickerD*ckKickers
Former Clans:the ultimate pros, call of duty team, the last pro-gamer, OriginalProgramming, THE german MAFIA, Team [E]lite, The Ghosts, sPecial Training, CR34TIV GANG, Digital Pirates Germany, Cracking DarKnesS, Jump and Kill People, Free4gent, KILLER,PROS,WINNER, EASERS, KAMIKAZE, THE DARK LEGENDS, BAD GAME BAD, BAD GERMAN BAD, SENDERMANS, THE ULTIMATE champions, all the winners, ALL to leaders, ALL TO USE, worldwide-gamemates, SouRce-Xtrem, World Best Team, [42], 24 Thousand Awesomeness, paintball MAFIA, GermanFighter, MAINEVENT MAFIA, the best navy *****, PsyCho suffle, Unstoppable. , european ELITE team, AnaLFisteR, OnlyLuckBro beta, super internationals, Rhythm, hardcore gang, mechanik team, the ultimate seal team, the VIP's, the cheater`s, angels of darkness ^^, angels of darkness #, the ghetto gangster squad, Special. vENDetta, the creativ soldiers, european paintball sniper team, 4&L, 3rd Generation Ballers, Best Bro's Ever, paintball elite team ^^, Get High International, TiTaN GaMiNg, Gaming eXtreme, the next generation nice^^, master killerZ, OnlyLuckBro, deutsche zocker bande, Wasted German Youth, legend special [f], eliminators #, FaNtasTiCs, RaIn, team PaRadox, the - Legends, special gamerZ, digital paintball 2, spiritual gang, world gaming., the N!ghTmaRe^, eXtreme gaming>, FaMous`, unbeatable', enormity training, FreeSTYLE' training, H3r0 Gaming, WoRLd Yankees, only the One, eazy gamerZ, Aristocratic , Not acTiVe, The Brothers of Destruction

I think the best clans are:
and my clan :P :D

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