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June 24th, 2024 06:04:10am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for J0hnBello
Player ID:198754
Names registered:x3x, mau5trap, l3vi, j0hnbello, akustikrausch, moobot, slushii, dlyl3vi, cix, levixdd
Active Clan:Unicorns3x
Former Clans:"Special Humans", FreeAgent, PaintStromTroop, C@rnAge Cr3w, Optimal Team, QerS, EPIC*PWNZ, fragment2.0, team FaK3#, clan prozak training, Masters of Disguise, PietSmittie-Fan Clan, Free4gent, epic2, TheJTroopers, Unstoppable, Digital Pirates Germany, Cartoons, sPecial Training, sPecial, reJect, Steeze, PikaBombers, Unrealistic, Free4gent, United Head Hunters, OnlyLuckBro, The Core, Mental Madness, European Gaming, divine grace , Raawr, Million Dollar Team, Team [El1T3], The Third Generation, dreikommafuenfG, uKnowBest|Beta, 5er im Lotto, OnlyJumpGood, lololo , Ronny Heinrich, Moonlight Warriors, unKnown
Real Name:Levi
Forum Name:L3vi

Active since 2008.
Add me on League of Legends: J0hnB3ll0
Add me on Battlefield 3 / Origin: J0hnB3ll0
Add me on Skype: l3vigamer