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June 24th, 2024 06:09:54am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for astral
Player ID:169535
Names registered:definiz, visions, votey, prazien, astral
Former Clans:javelin, F.O.S, Elite KillerZ, [NO-SCOPE], {NET-GEAR}, Play4Fun, LeuteOhneHobbies, ^[spaz-kill]^, NitR0 SP3R3, Dirty Guetta Kidz, DaRe, #team burner, .iReapZz, iXquicki, Creation , [T]eam[P]ysco, Wesc, iiTz Amazing , AcTiv, Optimal Team, Furious Gaming, We Rule Clans, For More, NextGenerationGaming, QuakePro
Real Name:joshua
Forum Name:josh
AIM Screenname:marinda

theres no more of this clan plz join =ekz=