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March 25th, 2023 02:16:03am UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Tinkix3
Player ID:161761
Names registered:tinkix3, technobase, skilla, hah, headhunters, peppo, lalax3, derfucballmann, derfussballmann, mikzn
Former Clans:special skills for kills, The Legend, Killerz&Stylerz, German Style, Front Germany, supermans, New Generation Painters, UP and DOWN, Elite KillerZ, team_bate, Ant gaming, German Viruz, Team_eR, German-Elite-Painters, Team .n3ver., Truth, Team cNi , RosaRandGC$ng, Durex Team, RaK, Taking Care of Rock
Real Name:Anton
MSN Address:antonp@hotmail.de